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General criteria in hospital lighting

Light plays a key role in the hospital environment, directly affecting the health of patients, the psychology of healthcare workers, and the quality of medical services. The right lighting system not only provides a modern, professional medical space but also contributes to improving the effectiveness of treatment, creating an ideal recovery environment for the patient. 

Table of suggestions for hospital, clinic lighting.

STTFunctional SpaceColor temperature:Range:TendernessColor Finish IndexCapacity DensityLimit the brightness coefficient
1General ClinicNeutral white light≥500 lux0,7 – 0,8Ra ≥ 80≤ 13 W/m²UGR ≤ 19
2Ultrasound RoomWarm yellow or neutral white light≥300 lux0,7 – 0,8Ra ≥ 80≤ 13 W/m²UGR ≤ 19
3Waiting RoomNeutral white or warm yellow light≥200 lux0,7 – 0,8Ra ≥ 80≤ 11 W/m²UGR ≤ 22
4The doctor’s room.Neutral white light≥500 lux0,7-0,8Ra ≥ 80≤ 13 W/m²UGR ≤ 19
5Patient RoomNeutral white light≥500 lux0,7 – 0,8Ra ≥ 80≤ 8 W/m²UGR ≤ 25
6Operating room.Cool white light.≥1000 lux for general area and 3000 lux for surgical area0,7-0,8Ra ≥ 80≤ 8 W/m²UGR ≤ 25
7CorridorNeutral white light≥100 lux÷ ≥150 lux0,7 – 0,8Ra ≥ 80≤ 8 W/m²UGR ≤ 22
8Sub-worksNeutral white light≥200 lux0,7 – 0,8Ra ≥ 80≤ 8 W/m²UGR ≤ 25

Waiting Room

The design of the hospital waiting room requires a truly sophisticated, harmonious, non-brilliant lighting solution that gives the patient psychological pleasure, peace of mind, and relieves anxiety. Use a light with neutral light and a proper light distribution, without blinking.

Patient Room

The patient's room is constantly operating at high frequencies, so the choice of lighting will have a direct impact on human health and psychology. For the sick, the right lighting will create a pleasant feeling, increase optimism, and increase the ability to recover. It is recommended to use local lighting, ensuring a 5 lux horizontal exposure 0.8 m from the floor. Especially for children's clinics, 20 lux should be guaranteed.


Corridor lighting ensures convenience and safety. For a middle corridor longer than 40 meters, make sure that the light is on both sides and that the lights are not shorter than 3 meters. The staircase needs to be well lit upstairs and downstairs; avoid blinking; and use the lighting in the right shape. Install indicator lights and evacuation lights with a scatter value not less than 5% of the scatter values, according to the general regulation.


Compliant with the principle of energy savings, secondary lighting needs to ensure reliability and the right light color. The choice of high-quality light source products will help reduce dust and provide good moisture resistance.

Advantages of standard lighting systems

  • Improve therapeutic effectiveness: Proper lighting helps doctors perform precise operations, minimizes medical errors, and contributes to improving the treatment effect for patients.
  • Health Protection: The standardized lighting system protects the vision of patients and health workers, creating a safe and efficient working environment.
  • Energy saving: Using LED lighting saves power and reduces hospital operating costs.
  • Aesthetics: The beautiful lighting system contributes to improving the hospital’s image, creating a modern and professional medical environment.

Designing the right hospital lighting system plays an important role in improving the quality of medical examination services. The adoption of modern lighting solutions that comply with national standards will bring many benefits to the hospital, contributing to the creation of a professional, effective, and safe medical environment for patients.

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Typical kinds of lights in hospital lighting

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