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Comprehensive lighting solution manual with Ecolighting LED

PFC Ecolighting is pleased to introduce an advanced lighting solution manual, providing you with in-depth knowledge and articles on how to apply LEDs effectively in every field. This manual is the key that leads you to the modern world of lighting, which saves energy, optimizes efficiency and enhances aesthetics for every space.

    Ultra bright - Ultra durable - Ultra savings.

    Ecolighting LED's outstanding power decoding

    PFC ecolighting is the leading choice in the premium LED product segment, setting the standard for quality and prestige in the industry.

    Open up the world of diverse applications with Ecolighting LEDs

    With superior adaptability, Ecolighting LEDs provide the perfect lighting solution for every need:

    • Home lighting: Brings the perfect combination of natural and artificial lighting, helping to create comfortable, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly living spaces.
    • Office lighting: Optimize work performance and create a comfortable working environment by using even, non-blinding, and energy-saving lighting.
    • Hospital lighting: Ensure high-quality lighting, support medical care, and create a safe and comfortable environment for both patients and medical staff.
    • School lighting: optimize the lighting in the classroom, improving student concentration and learning while saving energy and protecting the environment.
    • Industrial lighting brings powerful and efficient lighting, enhancing occupational safety and productivity while saving energy and reducing operating costs.
    • Street lighting provides safe and efficient lighting that improves visibility, ensures safety for people, and saves energy thanks to the use of modern technology.

    Lighting Houses

    Light is considered to be the supreme element that forms the home of every family. Each living space has different lighting design solutions, creating a cozy, relaxing space and decorating the house.

    Office Lighting Solutions

    In modern work environments, office lighting solutions not only provide adequate lighting but also optimize work spaces, increase productivity, and ensure the health of employees.

    Hospital Lighting Solution

    The hospital is a continuous, high innovation place. So the lighting requirement is extremely stringent, requiring restricted maintenance and replacement. We provide illumination solutions for hospital lighting.


    Outstanding optical output

    - LED lamps are usually: 90 Lm/W
    - PFC Ecoligitng 140-160 Lm/W

    Outstanding optical output


    With an optical output of 140-160 lumens per watt (Lm/W), Ecolighting far surpasses conventional LED bulbs by only about 90 Lm/W. This means that Ecolighting provides stronger lighting with the same power consumption, helping to save costs and minimize energy use.

    Optimum Power Conversion Factor

    - Normal LED >0.6 PF
    - PFC Ecolighting > 0.92 PF

    Optimum Power Conversion Factor


    Ecolighting lamps have a power factor (PF) of up to ≥0.92, compared to standard LED lamps of only about 0.6. The high PF factor optimizes power consumption, reduces waste, and increases the operating efficiency of the power system.

    One-to-one warranty mode

    - In five years.
    - Or 50,000 hours of light.

    One-to-one warranty mode


    Ecolighting LEDs can operate continuously from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, minimizing the frequency of replacement and maintenance.

    Reduce CO2

    - Energy saving.
    - Reduce technology waste.
    - Reduce CO2 emissions.

    Reduce CO2


    Modern LED technology saves Ecolighting lights up to 80% of energy compared to combustion lights and 50% compared with fluorescent lights. This not only reduces electricity costs, but also contributes to environmental protection.

    Operating Manual

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    Ecolighting – Ultra Lumen, Ultra Duration, Ultra Saving!

    The Ecolighting LED lighting solution manual provides more useful information.

    Modern lighting trends
    Answer frequently asked questions about LEDs

    With the Ecolighting LED lighting solution manual, you will have the full knowledge and tools to choose and use LEDs efficiently, saving costs and contributing to environmental protection.

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