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Green and Healthier
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Driven by our commitment to revolutionize environmentally friendly lighting solutions that prioritize human health, in 2023, PFC became a strategic partner of Taiwan’s leading technology corporation, Chang-Yu Technology.

Production Capacity

PFC Ecolighting is proud to be the leading manufacturer of energy-saving lighting. With state-of-the-art technology, a professional engineering team, and rigorous quality control processes, we are committed to delivering durable, high-performance, and environmentally friendly lighting products. Join PFC Ecolighting to illuminate the green future!

Value proposition

Exclusive partner with Chiang Minh Lighting Co.,Ltd, FDI subsidiary of Taiwan's renowned LED manufacturer - Chung Yen Technology.

Ultra Lumen

Optical output 140–160 Lm/W, far beyond conventional LEDs 90 Lm/W

Ultra Duration

Driver set optimized PF ≥ 0.92, using 140-160 Lm/W LED chip, with 50,000-100,000 hours of service life

Ultra Saving

Saves up to 80% energy compared to fiber lights and 50% compared with fluorescent lights

Environmentally friendly

- Energy saving.
- Reduce technology waste.
- Reduce CO2 emissions.


One-in-one warranty mode:
- In five years.
- Or 50,000 hours of light.

PFC ecolighting is the leading choice in the premium LED product segment, setting the standard for quality and prestige in the industry.

Vanguard and Visionary Strategic Partners in the Technology Sector

Chang-Yu Technology

Founded in 2000, Chang-Yu Technology provides technology solutions for semiconductor manufacturing. After more than two decades, the company has affirmed its global position with leading experts. With the goal of developing modern processors and automation equipment, especially in the category of LED lights, Chang-Yu Technology has become Taiwan's pride.

Typical products such as automatic LED testing systems, micro-spectral optics, electronic optical testing devices, and LED power exchangers have helped the company conquer challenging markets such as Japan and Korea.

Quality Commitment and Social Responsibility

PFC Ecolighting's Sustainable Journey  

From reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions to supporting educational and charitable projects, we are always aiming for a green and sustainable future.

PFC Ecolighting’s business philosophy

The slogan “ Ultra Lumen - Ultra Duration - Ultra Saving” is not only PFC Ecolighting’s promise to our customers but also the core business philosophy that guides all our operations.