Introduction to Chang-yu Technology


    In 2000, Chang-Yu Technology, PFC’s strategic partner in creating the PFC Ecolighting product line, was established in Taiwan with the mission of advancing the LED industry. Over the past 20 years, Chang-Yu Technology has consistently innovated, boasting professional teams in optics, mechanics, electronics, and software. Their efforts have led to the successful development of numerous processors and automation devices for LED lamp classification, earning recognition from the Taiwanese government as a comprehensive solution provider for LED lamp testing and measurement.

    In 2018, Chang-Yu Technology expanded its footprint to Vietnam by establishing Quang Minh Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. in Thanh Hoa city. This company plays a crucial role in manufacturing PFC Ecolighting brand LED lights.


    Leading Innovation

    With a robust R&D team of experts across various fields, Chang-Yu Technology leads the way with a range of high-tech products, including:

      • Automatic LED inspection systems
      • Microspectrometer
      • Optoelectronic testing equipment
      • Automation solutions

    These advancements enable Chang-Yu Technology to pioneer the integration of cutting-edge technology into their production processes, ensuring precision and optimal efficiency for each product.

    Strategic Partnership

    The collaboration between PFC and Chang-Yu Technology exemplifies our dedication to delivering the best LED products to our customers. With high-end core technology supplied by Chang-Yu Technology, PFC’s Ecolighting product line consistently ensures exceptional quality, meeting even the most demanding lighting needs.