Ecolighting Lighting Products: Ultra Lumen – Ultra Duration – Ultra Saving


    In the current context, the choice of lighting products not only stops at conventional lighting requirements but also has high requirements in terms of performance, durability, and energy-saving capabilities. Many households often face problems when using traditional lighting products, including:

      • High power consumption: A low power coefficient leads to consuming a lot of power without generating enough light, which is a waste of energy.
      • High power cost: The use of low-power lights increases electricity bills, creating a financial burden on users.
      • Reduce power transmission: The low power factor reduces efficient power transmission, resulting in poor performance and overloading the power system.
      • Understanding these issues, PFC Ecolighting is proud to offer its customers a breakthrough lighting solution—the perfect combination of advanced technology and practical value—with Ecolights Lighting Products: Super Bright, Super Durable, and Super Savings:

    Ultra Lumen

    Ecolighting lighting products are equipped with the most advanced LED technology, delivering outstanding lighting performance. The light emitted by the Ecolighting lamp is high-intensity, enabling efficient illumination of large spaces or areas in need of bright lighting. This is useful in environments such as workshops, parking lots, and public spaces.

    • Excellent radiation performance: With an optical output of 140–160 lumens per watt (Lm/W), Ecolighting far surpasses conventional LED bulbs by only about 90 Lm/W. This means that ecolighting provides stronger lighting with the same power consumption, helping to save costs and minimize energy use.
    • Genuine Lighting: The High Color Return Index (CRI) reproduces colors honestly, providing a natural and pleasant lighting experience.

    Ultra Duration

    Ecolighting lamps are designed to work durably in all conditions, with a lifetime that surpasses that of traditional lamps.

    • Advanced core technology: PFC Ecolighting uses power-optimized drivers with a power factor (PF) of ≥ 0.92. This reduces power consumption, increases efficiency, and extends the life of the lamp.
    • High-Quality LED Chip: Using 140 Lm/W and 160 Lm/W LED chips, PFC Ecolighting lights not only deliver powerful light but also ensure high durability, keeping the lamps stable for long periods of time.
    • Long life: Ecolighting LED lamps can operate continuously for 50,000 to 100,000 hours, minimizing the frequency of replacement and maintenance.
    • Premium Quality: Using high-quality materials and components, ecolighting lights are well resistant to environmental factors such as dust, humidity, and high temperatures, ensuring stable and long-term operation.

    Ultra Saving

    One of the most prominent benefits of Ecolighting is its considerable energy savings, bringing long-term economic benefits to users.

    • Energy saving: Modern LED technology saves Ecolighting lights up to 80% of energy compared to combustion lights and 50% compared with fluorescent lights. This not only reduces electricity costs, but also contributes to environmental protection.
    • High Power Conversion Factor: Ecolighting lamps have a Power Factor (PF) of up to ≥0.92, compared to standard LED lamps of only about 0.6. The high PF factor optimizes power consumption, reduces waste and increases the operating efficiency of the power system.
    • Reduce operating costs: With long service lives and low maintenance requirements, ecolighting lights help reduce operating and maintenance costs, delivering high cost-effectiveness for users.

    Ecolighting lights with ultra bright, ultra durable and ultra-efficient features not only provide superior value to the user, but also make an important contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development. Using Ecolighting is the smart choice to improve quality of life and optimize economic efficiency in any lighting space. Let’s switch to Ecolighting lights to experience the superior benefits that this product brings.