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Lighting for the office: a comprehensive lighting solution

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General criteria in office lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the working environment, directly affecting employee performance, health, and mentality. A scientifically designed and rational office lighting system will contribute to creating a creative, dynamic working space while ensuring the health of the user. This article will share a comprehensive lighting solution for the office that meets every need and ensures the latest lighting standards.

Table of suggestions for quality of lighting for offices, offices

STTFunctional SpaceColor temperature:Range:TendernessColor Finish IndexCapacity DensityLimit the brightness coefficient
1WorkroomNeutral white light≥500 lux0,7 – 0,8Ra ≥ 80≤ 11 W/m²UGR ≤ 19
2Meeting room, reception.Warm yellow or neutral white light≥300 lux0,7 – 0,8Ra ≥ 80≤ 11 W/m²UGR ≤ 19
3The lobbyNeutral white light≥200 luxRa ≥ 80≤ 11 W/m²UGR ≤ 22
4CorridorNeutral white light≥500 luxRa ≥ 80≤ 10 W/m²UGR ≤ 25
5Toilet areaNeutral white light≥200 luxRa ≥ 80≤ 11 W/m²UGR ≤ 25



The right lighting conditions will keep the office working smoothly. The choice of lighting solutions combined with the direct lighting mode generates high lighting efficiency. It is recommended to choose lighting equipment with a bright white color, a widened angle, a high color return index, an appropriate color temperature of 5000k–6500k, and an optimum lighting arrangement in the places of the desk layout. Note that the design of the control system is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Meeting room, reception.

The size of the meeting room requires adequate light sources, so the cost of use will affect the choice of lighting. Meanwhile, PFC Ecolighting’s LEDs are a potential product with huge advantages. It's of good light quality, high durability, cost-saving, and low energy consumption. The brightness of the lights will create aesthetic space, provide convenience to welcome guests, stimulate creative thinking, and increase concentration in meetings.

The lobby

The lobby and reception were the building's first contact spaces. For a light source that matches the height and space of the lobby, it is recommended to choose LEDs with warm white light - not too bright but still impressive and reliable.


In commercial spaces, the light source for the hallways and stairs needs to be comfortable and safe. PFC Ecolighting's LED line of products strictly complies with the installation process and is tested according to the specifications, from fire protection lamps to evacuation lamps. The integrated LED panels from Lumen to Watt will help offices save a huge amount of money without affecting the overall lighting.

A few notes when choosing an office lighting system

  • Identify the use needs: The purpose of the area needs lighting, area, interior style, etc.
  • Choose the right type of light: LED sound light, LED panel light, decorative beam lamp, LED wire lamp,…
  • Attention to color temperature: warm yellow light (3000K–3500K) for bedrooms and living rooms; neutral white light (4000K–4500K) for classrooms and workrooms; Cool white light (6000K–6500K) for the cooking area and the kitchen.
  • Ensure a suitable range: Compliance with lighting standards for each functional area.
  • Choice of reputable brands: quality assurance, durability, and warranty for the product.
  • Seek expert advice: If you have trouble choosing the right lighting system, contact a specialist for specific advice.

See detailed office lighting solutions for each area

Types of lights used in office lighting

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