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General criteria in industrial lighting

Lighting plays a key role in production, directly affecting work efficiency and the health and safety of workers. Choosing the right factory lighting solution is extremely important, contributing to improving production efficiency, saving costs, and ensuring work safety.

Industrial lighting quality recommendation table

STTFunctional SpaceYêu cầuĐộ rọi (Lux)Độ đồng đềuChỉ số CRI (Ra)Mật độ công suất (W/m2)Giới hạn chói lóa
1Phòng kháchThoải mái, thư giãn≥ 3000.7≥ 80≤ 1319
2Phòng ngủThích hợp cho nghỉ ngơi≥ 100Không yêu cầu≥ 80≤ 8Không yêu cầu
3Phòng bếp, phòng ănHỗ trợ nấu nướng, ăn uống≥ 500Không yêu cầu≥ 80≤ 1322
4Cầu thang, ban công, hành langĐảm bảo an toàn di chuyển≥ 1000.5≥ 70≤ 7Không yêu cầu
5Tầng hầmĐáp ứng nhu cầu sinh hoạt cơ bản≥ 75Không yêu cầu≥ 70Không yêu cầuKhông yêu cầu


Factory area

Productivity and safety are our top priorities. A reasonable distribution of light increases efficiency, prevents glare, reduces fatigue, and reduces the risk of workplace accidents. Using high-quality lighting products will reduce maintenance costs, reducing the frequency of production shutdowns due to illumination-related failures.

Factory Line

Production lines are places with a high intensity of work, requiring concentration. The right lighting will make it easy for the workers to operate and recognize the defects in the product. Use dedicated light sets to focus the light and ensure speed. A selection of light sources with high color returns, high performance, power savings, and long life that minimize replacement and limit production breakdowns

Quality inspection area

The key element in the quality inspection area is the rapid and accurate classification and hierarchy of product quality. Choose light sources with high color returns that enhance vision, increase cognitive ability, resist fatigue, increase labor productivity, use high-performance lighting, and are energy-efficient.

Storage Area

The requirement of warehouse lighting is to ensure safety, distinguish goods from products and save electricity.

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Lighting Solution

  • Improve work productivity: The right lighting helps the workers concentrate and work more efficiently.
  • Saving power costs: Using power-saving LEDs reduces factory operating costs.
  • Safety at work: Fully illuminated, non-reflective lighting minimizes workplace accidents.
  • Environmental protection: The use of environmentally friendly LEDs contributes to reducing environmental pollution.

Choosing the right factory lighting solution is crucial to improving production efficiency, saving costs, and ensuring work safety. Choose a reputable unit to consult and provide the lighting solution that best suits your needs.

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Models of lamps commonly used in industrial lighting

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