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Bringing light to the nest: Comprehensive lighting solutions for homes

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General criteria in home lighting

Light is the soul of the living space, the key element that creates a cozy atmosphere, such as in the home of each family. Understanding that important role, this article will share a comprehensive lighting solution for homes that meets every requirement and ensures the latest lighting standards.

Table of suggestions for the quality of the house lighting


Functional SpaceColor temperature:Range:EquivalenceColor Finish IndexCapacity DensityLimit the brightness coefficient
1Living RoomWarm yellow or neutral white light≥300 lux0,7 – 0,8Ra ≥ 80≤ 10 W/m²UGR ≤ 19
2BedroomWarm yellow light.≥150 luxRa ≥ 80≤ 10 W/m²UGR ≤ 25
3KitchenNeutral white light≥500 luxRa ≥ 80≤ 10 W/m²UGR ≤ 25
4BalconyWarm yellow or neutral white light≥100 lux0,5Ra ≥ 80≤ 4 W/m²
5CorridorWarm yellow or neutral white light≥100 lux0,5Ra ≥ 80≤ 4 W/m²

Living room

The living room is the center of life and represents the style of the host. Living room lighting can affect mood and health, so it needs attention. To meet the diversified use needs and create cozy spaces, a harmonious combination of general lighting and local lighting is needed.


Depending on the area and function of the bedroom, the lighting arrangement is appropriate. Peace and relaxation are important, so choose light with low brightness and warm light. You shouldn't put the light directly on top of the bed; you should use indirect light. To create a fun effect, you can use a sleep lamp or a wall lamp to shake the light from the bottom up.


The kitchen lighting solution must be based on the architectural design and the wishes of the owner. Lighting needs to ensure convenience and clarity for cooking while creating cozy spaces that inspire. It is recommended to use lamps with a high color return index, a suitable slope, and a light power density of ≤ 13 W/m².


In addition to the lighting function, the balcony decorative lights also serve to rest and relax in the evening. Outdoor lights need good weather resistance, rain, UV, and durability. Using smart lighting saves energy and creates a creative spotlight for space.

A few notes when choosing a home lighting system

  • Identify the use needs: The purpose of the area needs lighting, area, interior style, etc.
  • Choose the right type of light: LED sound light, LED panel light, decorative beam lamp, LED wire lamp,…
  • Attention to color temperature: warm yellow light (3000K–3500K) for bedrooms and living rooms; neutral white light (4000K–4500K) for classrooms and working rooms; Cool white light (6000K–6500K) for the cooking area and the kitchen.
  • Ensure suitable lighting: compliance with lighting standards for each functional area.
  • Reliable brand choice: quality assurance, durability, and warranty for the product. LED Ecolighting meets every customer’s requirement.
  • Seek expert advice. If you have trouble choosing the right lighting system, contact specialists for specific advice.

See the details of the residential lighting solution for each area

Typical products in home lighting

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